A Preffered Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Seedcracker Environmental Consulting (SEC) is a SMME, and was founded by an independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner, Stephanie Cliff. Stephanie has obtained degrees in BSc (Hons) Animal Science and BSc (Hons) Wildlife Management, from the University of Pretoria. Since the establishment of SEC in 2008, the firm has established itself as a preferred Environmental Consulting agency for many new clients, thanks to the professional, individual, committed nature of this small business. The founder of SEC, Stephanie Cliff, has ten years experience in a wide range of environmental and social impact assessment, management, and monitoring fields.

SEC works with an extensive network of multidisciplinary independent specialists and experts in the fields of ecological impacts, visual impacts, noise impacts, air impacts, heritage assessments, and hydrological impacts (wetland assessments and rehabilitation). SEC's small size places the firm in a unique position to provide competitive and cost-effective, yet professional input to its clients. The same level of expertise and peace-of-mind associated with larger environmental consultancies is guaranteed by SEC through professional affiliations, professional indemnity and continual professional development.

SEC has learnt that clients seek to build a strong, long term relationship with their environmental consultant, who will go the extra mile, be accountable and proactive, involved in every detail of the application, and be available to them at all times. SEC is proud to offer this type of service excellence, together with knowledgeable and responsible environmental management.

SEC is a member of the following organisations:

  • Founding member of the EAPASA accreditation board
  • Member of IAIA SA
  • Member of the Conservation & Environmental Management Forum
  • Registered with Environment South Africa & Cameron Cross Environmental Attorneys CCI Industry News and Legislation updates